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two nurses and a retired nurse

“I came to Laurel Ridge after a fall and damage to my hip. Two and half weeks later I am going home virtually pain-free. Still using a walker but thanks to my skilled physical and occupational therapists I am walking with confidence, tempered with caution. My nurses and C.NA.s gave me excellent care when I was so needy. Glad to be returning home, stronger, thanks to Laurel Ridge!”
-Retired Nurse


“I just want to thank Laurel Ridge for taking care of my mother. The short time she was here, she was so happy. Her eating improved, and my mom was such a picky eater, we couldn’t get her to eat anything at home. But at Laurel Ridge she loved the food and never complained, the whole family was shocked. She went to all the activities, made friends and every day we visited she had a smile on her face. You have a great group of staff here and we just wanted to thank all of you for caring for our mom so well.”

“The building is beautiful; the renovations were done so well. I know the challenges in caring for my husband and the staff has done a great job caring for him. Rehab has been working very hard with him and we can see he is making progress. Working with the rehab staff at Laurel Ridge has given him a lot of hope… My children and I would like to thank the staff for all they have done for their father.”

“For the last three months of his life our dear loved one resided at Laurel Ridge Rehabilitation and Skilled Care Center. Over time it began to feel like a second home to us. Being there every we had the opportunity to observe the hard work that everyone did and the exceptional way in which it was done. We are indebted to all the compassionate care and kindness that was given to him and to our entire family.”

“It is to a relentless staff: the Administration, Receptionist, Social Services, Therapy Staff, the first floor Medical, Primary Care Nursing Staff and Managers, Events and Activities Staff, the Kitchen Staff and Managers, the Grounds Staff to whom we extend our heartfelt gratitude. In a warm and loving environment everyone did so much to help us during a challenging time. Thank you will never be enough.”

“Thank you to Laurel Ridge for the nursing care of my husband. All of the nurses are professional and exercise so much patience with him. This is his second stay with Laurel Ridge, the first surgery was easy but this time now the road was very bumpy. He was home sick, but the nurses and CNA’s always made sure he was happy so he could rehab better to get home again. Thank you.”

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